Floral prints embedded in stripes


"For those of you who live in NYC or any metropolitan area, you know the drill. The fastest way to get to work is by train. The commute usually involves a lot of walking and most ladies prefer to do so in a pair of comfortable flats or sneakers and then switch to heels when they get to work. Some do this because they're able to walk faster and more comfortably while others do so to avoid ruining their heels. Personally, I do it for both reasons depending on the pair of heels I intend to wear at work.

On this day, it was a chilly morning but based on the weather forecast I knew it was going to be a warm and lovely afternoon. So for my commute I wore my fishnet tights to keep my legs warm and blue ballerina shoes to keep my feet comfy. When I got to work, I took off the tights and shoes and switched to my heels.

Striped items with embedded prints such as flowers are in this spring. My dress is a perfect example with blue, black and white flowers embedded within the stripes. Blue, White and Black is a nice combo and this look reminds me of a similar outfit from last year which I also wore with my yellow and white striped shoes (see pics below). 

As promised, it was a beautiful day so I took lovely shots. I even switched my lipstick from blue to red later that afternoon. Which look do you prefer?"

Photographed by Yemi O.