A retro orange and stripes kinda day


I've found myself going through a retro phase recently. Hair styles, outfits, makeup, even bloggers I've found myself following recently. And it isn't just one era either - one day I find myself styling my hair in a 60s bouffant and on another day I'm all about 50s a-line skirts and cutesy shoes. 

As you can probably tell from the title, this was one of those days. I threw on this orange swingy (not a word, I know!) skirt, this super comfortable stripey top with mini shoulder pads and styled my hair in a trusty pompadour quiff. I remembered I had this cute scarf with orange ascents which tied round my hair. Lastly, I threw on a nice pair of tights and my fav brown booties (it was quite chilly that day).

Looking at myself afterwards, I realized my look was kinda retro - modern 50s chic, if I do say so myself. Totally unplanned but i loved it!