How to recycle floral print jeggings in a different season - from spring/summer to fall/winter


"Remember these floral print jeggings? I wore them last summer (see picture below), and I hinted that I'd wear them during the fall/winter season. Well, this is it!

Floral print is usually associated with spring or summer, but you can pull it off during cooler seasons by following my four simple rules.

  1.  Choose the right color - you should pair your floral print jeggings with fall/winter appropriate colors, such as maroon, olive green, purple, etc. Don't limit yourself to dull colors because your floral print jeggings need a sidekick. Note that there are lots of vibrant but appropriate colors that can be worn in every season such as red, royal blue, and emerald green.
  2. Pair with the appropriate texture - This is an obvious rule. Pair your jeggings with thick tops so you can stay warm and toasty. I prefer knitted tops/sweaters because they add a sort of 80's vibe to the entire look.
  3. Pick the perfect shoes - When it comes to wearing floral print jeggings in cooler seasons, booties or ankle boots are the way to go. Avoid calf and knee length boots because they'll end up hiding most of the flower print and it will defeat the purpose.
  4. Wear the right makeup - Do not underestimate the transforming power of makeup. Stay away from bright colored lipsticks like pink, and lean toward colors like dark purple or burgundy. When in doubt, go with nude lips. If you want that extra  "POP" then choose red lipstick because it absolutely rocks in every season. Of course I'm biased ;).

I applied my rules by pairing my floral print jeggings with a green sweater - this is absolutely my favorite shade of green. Then l stayed away from calf and knee length boots so I could show off my jeggings properly. Finally, I finished my look with Sephora #1 lipstain.

So why should you recycle your clothes? Because not only is recycling fun and adventurous, but you also get your money's worth. I especially enjoyed wearing these jeggings this season because it fits right in with the denim and flower embroidered trend.

I accessorized with my burgundy velvet turban head band and my Betsey Johnson heart pendant necklace."

Photographed by my partner in fashion, Bloggie!