Wearing a camo shirt today


"In a previous post I talked about fashion trends from the 2000s and I implied I would begin my hunt for Camo - a popular trend from the early 2000s. Well, I didn't have to hunt because I randomly ran into it in a store while I was waiting for someone.

I couldn't believe it. This Camo shirt was just hanging there all by itself surrounded by colorful summer clothes. It seemed so out of place and lonely. I knew I had to rescue it. As I eagerly approached it I wondered if we would be a good fit. Will it be happy with me and would I be happy with it. I glanced at the label and my heart screamed YES!!!!!!! It was my size. I quickly grabbed it, paid for it and now I'm rocking it. Honestly God works in mysterious ways because He always looks out for me. I was talking about camo the other day only to randomly find one in my size.

I have to say I love this camo shirt. Not just because it's camo but I love the cut and the way it fits my body. I didn't know how I was going to wear it but I knew I wanted to wear it differently from how I wore camo in the 2000s. I wanted an unpredictable look that would fit the "me" of today. I decided to go with these blue and black striped pencil skirt. I threw on my cute bronze slip on sandals to accentuate the colors on the shirt and a belt for an hour glass figure. I completed the look with a splash of color by adorning my lips with a red lipstick complimented by colorful accessories.

It wasn't until after I took these pictures that I realized there was something familiar about my outfit. It didn't take me long to realize it looked similar to some of the outfits from the movie Grease - a musical comedy about 1950s high schoolers (see picture below). Pencil skirts, slip on sandals and belts were in back then.

So there you go! I'm rocking a trend from the 2000s with a dash of 50s."

Photographed by Mum.