Another ankara style inspired by the 2000s


"I'm still trying to keep my word by taking my readers back to fashion from the 2000's. This skirt was inspired by the famous "scalders" - a skirt attached over shorts or pants. In my pictures below I have a mini skirt underneath a see through fabric and both are underneath two long flaps of fabric -in the front and back - (all attached ofcourse). I came up with this idea late last year and sketched it as soon as I could. How do you think my tailor did?

The truth is I really don't think these are called scalders even though that's what we called them back when I was in college. My instinct told me that was wrong so I wasn't surprised when I googled scalders and saw articles about chicken - don't even ask. Anyway, I still don't know what they are called even after my extensive research. However, I did come across interesting pictures of celebrities wearing the trendiest clothes from the 2000's. I felt nostalgic as I reminisced.

When I listed a couple of trends from the 2000s in a previous post, I completely forgot about "camo!" I was totally obsessed with camo in 2003. Below, is a picture of Mandy Moore in camo. Let the camo hunting begin! Let's not forget low rise jeans and denim on denim- see pictures below of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. I spent hours looking at so many pictures. Take a look at the pictures below and reminisce with me."

Photographed by Akudo.