Nieces totally rock!; A fedora hat and an ankara skirt


"Nieces totally rock! Yes they do. I'm a proud aunt of seven beautiful nieces. My two oldest neices are totally cool and totally get me. That's why I was pretty excited to have a matching ankara outfit with them.

My sister was the first to make an outfit with this fabric. She made a beautiful two piece outfit for herself. Then she made matching shorts for her daughters. At my request she made me a skirt but I had no idea my nieces had matching shorts too.

I was pretty excited when I found out and I insisted we wear it on the same day. Sadly, my sister didn't have her outfit. I was fine with that. I'm tired of mothers wearing matching outfits with their daughters. Lol. Aunts have the right to do the same? Am I right?

So here we are with our fun and somewhat fierce poses.

I love this comfy 3/4 length ankara skirt and my comfy silver sandals. Perfect outfit for a cool and sunny day. Also perfect for a barbecue.

I also love my fedora hat from TJ Maxx. Pretty cool right? The hat contradicts my skirt but I think it's a nice contradiction."

Photographed by Soma, Mum and Onyeka