Happy Independence Day America!


"Happy July 4th and welcome to the big reveal. Sadly my photo shoot didn't work out the way I hoped so I only have a few "not so perfect " pictures to share. However, I'm sure it's enough for you to get the gist of my outfit. I'm wearing the colors blue, red and white as a tribute to America. Besides, there isn't a better time or place to get away with this look than now.

For my nail polish I'm wearing Revlon Red by Revlon, In prompt Blue by Sally Hansen and Super Star by PURE ICE. Let me tell you, achieving this look was no joke but it was a nail challenge I was determined to face. It's still a bit messy if you ask me. I'm obviously not a robot and my hands can be shaky.

Have a sparky and delightful 4th of July!"

Photographed by Mum & Gizelle.