Staying fashionable in Minnie Mouse ears


"Fashion is so much fun and the best part is that there are no rules in fashion. The most important thing is that you own your look with confidence. It doesn't matter if people don't approve because they think you look irresponsible, funny, silly or unprofessional. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident . Also,  push away every negative thought.

Let me tell you a secret. If you feel confident in an outfit, people who may not usually approve can have their minds swayed because confidence makes an outfit appealing. They may not wear it if they have the choice, but they will admire you for being bold.

So why am I talking about this? My friend just came back from Orlando and we were meeting for dinner. She surprised me with a souvenir - Minnie Mouse ears! I was so excited, especially because it went well with my outfit. My friend was wearing matching ones, and it also went well with her outfit. So off we went with our ears.

In Disney world, Minnie mouse ears would  be appropriate but not in the real world we live in, unless you're a kid. But we didn't care if we looked funny, stupid, or silly. We were just so happy to be ourselves and let the little kid in us shine. We had dinner wearing our ears, took pictures, and had a blast! One if the things I love about my friend is that she just doesn't care! 

P.S. I paid tribute to the 2000s by rocking a red bandana and earrings I've owned since 2004."

Photographed by Mum and Ijeoma O.