Merry Christmas from my neighborhood


"Growing up, I had a love affair with Christmas decorations. I would walk around stores and look at their galore of Christmas decorations longingly. After encouraging my parents to buy them, I would gladly decorate our house all by myself. It was my pride and joy.

Sadly, I lost my enthusiasm to decorate in my adult years. I didn't realize it until I came home for Christmas one year, and my mum eagerly presented me with recently purchased decorations. I looked at her, baffled. When I realized she wanted me to decorate, I suggested my nieces do the honors - which they gladly accepted.

Despite my long lost enthusiasm to decorate, my appreciation for beautiful decoration has stayed intact all these years. I have always admired glittery houses as I drive or walk past them.

I believe my neighbors have rekindled my love for Christmas decorations and all things shiny. My neighborhood is bright with Christmas lights during this time of year and I couldn't resist falling in love again with Christmas decorations. I haven't been this eager to decorate since I was a child.

I recently walked around my neighborhood and took some pictures. My favorite is the nativity scene of course, but it's not from my neighborhood."

Photographed by me.