Fashion in my blood


"I've always loved fashion. I've been in tune with my fashion sense since I was a kid.  I remember when I was about 8 years old, I would get all dolled up even though I had absolutely nowhere to go. Sometimes I would just hang outside my house or walk to and fro my street just to get noticed. I got noticed alright - by my Dad.

During one of our family Bible reading/prayer sessions he mentioned that he had indeed noticed my ways and was not too pleased about it. He was worried that I was becoming too vain. That was the first time I heard the word "vanity." I was quite embarrassed. The issue wasn't that I was getting dressed up for no reason because my Dad loved that about me. The issue was that I was intentionally parading myself in order to draw attention. I understood what my Dad meant then and I understand it now. I can be who I am - someone who adores getting dressed up and loves fashion - as long as I don't let it get to my head and I don't become worldly about it. I have to remain humble and avoid getting caught up with all the compliments that I forget to give God all the praise. After all, I am what I am because of God.

It was for this reason that I was unwilling to start a fashion blog. Bloggie can attest to this. I was worried that it would seem like I needed attention because I don't. After a lot of prayer and meditation, I realized my love for fashion is a gift that I can use to help and encourage people and I shouldn't be afraid to let my light shine. I still haven't figured out how this blog might help someone but I'm trusting God to lead and guide me.

My Dad and Mum encouraged my love for fashion by getting me the most fashionable clothes and always complimenting me. This was easy for them to do because they were also very fashionable and I love them both for it. Occasionally my outfit would match theirs. For instance, in some of the pictures below we are wearing clothes with matching colors. It wasn't premeditated just great minds. Of course in the most recent picture of my mum and I, we actually planned to wear the same thing. My mum got me the pink jumpsuit I have on and my dad got the red and white polka top with a matching skirt.

I thank God for blessing me with wonderful parents who totally get me and love me for who I am."