The curious case Of Enma + buttons


"I have had this plain black ankara material for years. I love black so I was saving it for something special. That something special ended up being black and white buttons!

I've always loved buttons and for many years I have had different ideas in my head that involved buttons. I never executed any of my ideas until now. This lovely black and white buttons inspired this design.

I had my tailor sew the dress but I'm proud to say I sewed the buttons myself. Of course sewing buttons isn't a difficult task but I'm still very proud of it and I honestly had fun with it. Plus, I couldn't trust my tailor to sew the buttons the way I wanted.

Everything worked out because I had the perfect accessories to match the outfit. Not a surprise at all considering I tend to gravitate towards black and white - my favorite combo."  


Enma's tailor is based in Nigeria and as anyone who's ever had something sewn in Nigeria knows, Nigerian tailors don't tend to be great with fine details. Hence the lack of trust! lol 

Anyway this look is absolutely gorgeous. I actually cooed in glee when she shared it with me...gorgeous buttons on the arms and neckline, spot-on length and style, perfect black and white, love, LOVE! 

Photographed by Akudo.