How to pack shoes and other accessories for a big trip


"I love shoes and as much as I would like to take all my shoes with me when I am going away on a big trip I know that is not practical. I try to be wise about the shoes I pick to travel with. I try to avoid packing shoes that aren't necessary because I do not want to end up with a lot of luggage. At the same time I try to prevent having an outfit to wear but no shoes to match it.

There are usually those shoes that are "must haves" such as black pumps, casual sandals, dressy pumps and dressy sandals. I think a "must have" also depends on the individual and their personality. For some people, sneakers are a "must have" but that's not me. However, I think we can all agree that black pumps are a "must have".

Another key thing is to consider the color of clothes one will be traveling with. For instance, I love wearing black and white combo and I knew I would be wearing a lot of that on my trip. Instead, of picking solid white shoes to travel with I opted for my black/white polkadot pumps. I figured, I couldn't go wrong with that. Additionally, I knew I would wear a lot of prints on my trip. Prints are very tricky because there are many options that could go with a print outfit depending on the colors. Instead, of picking solid colored shoes to go with my print outfits I decided to take a lot of print/multicolored shoes instead. I discovered that taking solid colored shoes to match the printed outfits would result in my taking more shoes than I needed.

I must say that I am happy I went with printed/multicolored shoes because it caused me to take risks. I was forced to pair my printed shoes with outfits I would usually pair with something more obvious if I had access to all my shoes.

Let's talk about bags/clutches. You need at least one multicolored bag/clutch that would go with a lot of things.

Earrings - yeah, I traveled with a lot of earrings. However, I kept gravitating towards a particular pair of gold crystal earrings whenever I had to attend a major event. For some reason, these earrings went with almost every necklace I traveled with. That's the beauty of crystal.

Stay tuned and look forward to how I made my accessories work for me on my trip."


Don't know about you but I'm really looking forward to Enma's travel pics!

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