The butterfly effect


"I have had this design in my head for months. I couldn't wait to travel to Nigeria and have my tailor make it!

 This design was created because of my need to have an ankara covering for cold temperatures. I wanted something unique but also light and easy to wear. Personally, when I'm cold I hate to burden my body with heavy outer layers. So this idea was born!

This design is a perfect covering for Spring or Fall depending on the color of the ankara fabric. It also came in handy while I was in Nigeria because of the dry (harmattan) season. The harmattan is a dry and dusty wind that blows over the West African continent between late November and late February. I guess one can call it the Nigerian version of the fall/winter season. Although it's called the dry season due to the lack of rainfall and extremely dry and hot afternoons, it's also unusually cool in the morning as a result of the cool harmattan breeze. This design was perfect for those mornings."

Photographed by Akudo