Ready, set, most definitely YES!!!!


"Purse ... Check! Shoes ... Check! Necklace ... Check! Sunglasses ... Check! Hat ... Check! Dress ... Check!!!!!!!! Yayyy!!! I finally found the perfect dress/outfit to go with all these accessories at once (see previous post: Ready, set, No!!!).

I decided to go with a simple coral dress and complimented it with these lovely pumps - a gift from my fabulous friend, Noma. I borrowed rose petal earrings from my mum to complete the floral vibe I had going on. I finished my look with a lavender lipstick - Ayesha by Kat Von D.

If you preferred the other two shoes, no worries because I still plan on rocking them with these accessories but probably not all at once ;)"

Photographed by lovely Ijeoma O.