Happy goes well with red


I've always been a fan of red. Throwing on a pair of red heels, red purse, red coat (you need it!) can immediately transform your look. The most boring outfit suddenly gets some snap, crackle and pop! Don't believe me? Next time you have somewhere to go and your outfit doesn't seem right, slide on some red heels or slap on your favorite red lippy and see how it transforms your look and ups your confidence. Red rules! ;)

On another note, my dearest Enma took all these lovely pics and what a fun day it was! We met up to catch up on life and all things blog related and ended up spending over an hour in sunny (with random bouts of freezing winds!) Manhattan shamelessly posing for pics, giggling like teenagers while avoiding eye contact with passersby and not having a care in the world. We even got a chance to plug the blog to a poor stranger we asked to take a pic of us. Ahhh....good times all round :)