Lulu and I


"Meet Lulu, a gorgeous samoyed I met recently. Like most dogs I meet, Lulu and I clicked instantly. Isn't she lovely? Anyway, I couldn't resist taking some shots with her and to my greatest delight she was very cooperative.

As we took shots together it occurred to me that Lulu complimented my mandarin jacket dress nicely. As an avid dog lover I've noticed that certain dogs fit certain people or outfits. I think this is because most people express themselves through their outfits. In other words, there are times when one can tell a person's personality by the clothes they have on. Also, one's personality can determine the breed of dog they prefer. So when a person is dressed  a certain way, it's easy to imagine what sort of dog that person would be into. For instance, a tough looking biker in leather pants might tend to gravitate towards a pit bull. Obviously, this isn't a hard and fast rule. It is just an observation I've made.

Let's talk about my outfit. This mandarin outfit was such a steal that I immediately jumped on it. I was excited to wear it and wasn't sure whether to have my hair in a bun or not. But I knew I wanted a hairstyle that would honor the dress and its originating culture.

The great thing about this mandarin jacket dress is that it can be worn with anything and in different seasons. Imagine it with pants or a dress. I can't wait to explore the different ways I can wear it.

Thank you Lulu for making this shoot perfect! Miss you!"

Photographed by Ijeoma and Chichi.