A very red black tie wedding


I don't know about you but I love a chance to get all dolled up for an event. Searching for an outfit, thinking of a look to go for, praying whatever style you go for doesn't come crashing down because you put on a bazillion pounds....just me?....moving on....

I do most of my shopping online...so many options, free delivery (most of the time), free returns (from certain brands), imagining your face on the models body (no?)...what's not to love! With a black tie wedding in my diary fast approaching, I was on the hunt online. Browsing a few of my fav online stores, quite a few styles caught my eye but obviously couldn't order them all. Confused and conflicted, I reached out to my very own styling genie...Enma! ;)

With her expert insight, I whittled my choices down to 4 dresses. A few days later, my choices arrived! Brimming with excitement, I tried on all 4 and settled on 2 choices. Predictably (I guess) I found myself leaning towards my default wedding look - colourful bodycon midi dress - but Enma convinced me to go for the red dress in the pics. I was still unsure, then realised I could elevate the dress with accessories. Naturally I thought to wear a statement necklace to cover my ta-tas! lol...but was advised by Enma to go for bold earrings, a bold lip with a bare chest. With the help of a pretty gold belt I bought from Topshop ages ago (but never wore) and a Victoria Secret v-neck plunge bra....it worked! If i do say so myself. Ahh...the joys of having a stylista on speed dial ;)