Lady in racy red


"So I recently attended a wedding and with the help of my friends I ended up looking the way I look in the pictures below :) 

The black shoes I have on were a gift from my friend, Noma. Noma isn't just a pretty girl with a generous heart but she is the original fashionista if there ever was one. Noma's taste/fashion sense is so impeccable and unprecedented that I cannot begin to describe it. I had planned on wearing a different pair of shoes with my red dress but when she presented me with these shoes I immediately changed my mind and decided to wear them instead. It goes so well with my dress.

Let's talk about my face. I look different don't I? My friend and professional makeup artist, Ije (Ijeh's faces) did my face. She is very talented and definitely hooked a sister up! Please check out her IG page. Anyway, the 3 of us had an amazing time at the wedding and it was a beautiful wedding."

With Ije (left) and Noma (right)