My favorite colors


"Black is my favorite color and I also love a black and white combo.  You would never guess black is my favorite color because I tend to wear a lot of colors. I do love colors a lot but if I had to pick only one color for everything I own and for the rest of my life I will go with black. Depressing huh?

Black wasn't always my favorite color. As a kid I struggled between yellow and red. I loved yellow first and then I switched to red. I think I went back and forth until I settled with black. That's why I love the outfit in this post. It's vibrant and has all the colors I love.

When my friend Chichi showed up in her beautiful yellow dress I knew it would photograph nicely against my black/white and red outfit. The green background was a plus too. Don't you just love how the wind blown fringe on my red top compliments my striped skirt."

Photographed by Chichi A.