Rodan+Fields micro-dermabrasion and redefine serum review


As I've gotten older I find I go to a lot more trouble to look after myself. 'Black don't crack'  but believe me it needs all the help it can get.  I've upped my water in-take (at least tried to!), attempted to add more vegetables to my diet (bleh), tried to make peace with my nemesis, the treadmill and most recently, invested in good skincare. Which led to this fantastic opportunity to review a few products from skincare line - Rodan+Fields.

A friend who's a consultant with the company got in touch a few weeks ago about their wide range of products and kindly offered to send me samples to try. Skincare junkies this is for you ;)

What I received

I was sent a lil packet in the mail containing 2 lil sachets of micro-dermabrasion paste, 2 tiny containers with blue and grey little ball-like capsules (called ampules) containing a night renewing serum (blue) and lip renewing serum (grey), lil sheet of instructions and my friend's business card.  

Micro-dermabrasion paste, Rodan+Field card and ampules

Sheet of instructions with a pretty pic of my friend...aww

Ampules and business card

Day 1

I made sure to take pics of my makeup-less face (very brave I know!).

As part of my morning routine, I gently massaged the micro-dermabrasion paste with a spot of water as per instructions for dry skin (I have seriously dry skin) on my face. It felt ridiculously smooth on my skin.

I can honestly say I've never applied anything that's felt this way before. It felt amazing!! I felt so confident afterwards, I threw on a bowler hat, a spot of lippy and headed out the door. A good start if I do say so myself!

Morning selfie!

Smmmooootttthhh skin baby!

Later that evening

After my experience with the micro-demabrasion serum, I couldn't wait to try the Night Renewing Serum (blue ampule) that evening. I popped one open, smoothed it on my palms and applied it on my cleansed face and would you believe it felt like silk?! It felt lush!! My pesky dry skin did mean I had to apply moisturizer afterward. Oily to combination skin types might not need to.

Next, I popped open a grey Lip Renewing Serum ampule to apply on my lips. It felt really nice on my lips and seriously moisturizing. One ampule full of product definitely went a long way - could have definitely stretched one ampule into two applications.

Pretty ampules full of moisturising goodness

The next few days

I used all 3 samples over the next few days and experienced the same lush smoothness afterwards. Fair to say, I was a bit sad when I ran out.

Difficult to tell how much my skin was 'renewed' after a few days of use but I know it felt amazing for the short while I used these products....wonder how much difference I would have seen after a month of use...hmmm...

I'm giving Rodan+Fields micro-dermabrasion and redefine serum a thumbs up! Five stars for luxurious application and lush texture. If you're interested in checking out their products, please reach out to my lovely friend, Feyi, a skincare guru who can advice you accordingly. 

happy camper after a few days of use

happy camper after a few days of use

Makeup on and skin feels great