Reviewing 5 gorgeous Bonlook frames


Let's dive right into it! As you might remember from a few posts ago, I ordered 5 gorgeous frames from Bonlook frames and promised to review them on the blog. Well, as you can tell from the bajilion pics below, I adored them all! lol 

Happy reading and scrolling!

5 Bonlook frames

It took me a while to narrow down the frames I wanted - cue adding everything to my shopping cart, cursing when I realized some were sold out, and going back and forth on which ones to pick...Gah! First world problems I know but oh so hard! ;)

I finally narrowed my selection to these 5 frames:

Skunkboy Panda Pearl, Amaze Champagne, Imagine Light Opaline, Imagine Light Rouge and Glow Ocean.

Keep scrolling to learn more on each frame. Reviewed in order of preference. 

Glow Ocean Bonlook frames

These beauties were my attempt to go all colourful and slightly quirky. It's made of aqua blue acetate with a blue, green and brown pattern on the sides. I usually don't go for round frames but decided to give these a go. Yeah, I don't think they suited me. They kinda grew on me but not enough to keep them.

Amaze Champagne Bonlook frames

This was one of my favorites when I was looking through the site. Made with clear acetate and metal, these beauties have clear gold flecks imbedded in them. Ack! So pretty and sparkly. A bit much for some but oh so prefect for me....sadly, I don't think they suited me as well as I hoped. I was so torn but had to send them back. Will order them again in a heartbeat if I find them in a different style - preferably cat-eye ;)

Imagine Light Opaline Bonlook frames

These were my third favourite frames. I almost almost kept these bables. Made of acetate with a white lightly patterned half-frame (not sure that's a word:)). It's quite light weighted and looks so clean. They did feel kinda flimsy... 

Imagine Light Rouge Bonlook frames

This was my second favorite which I'm happy to say I kept! Same as the one above but a lovely red colour. I love me some red so it was a no-brainer I would keep these. The color, half-frame and slight cat-eye made them too hard to resist. Definitely a keeper.

Skunkboy Panda Pearl Bonlook frames

Finally my absolute favs which I already gushed about a few weeks ago. As soon as I put them on I knew we were meant to be. A statement piece if I ever saw one. Made of acetate, 2 toned black and white goodness and with a riveting cateye style. Magic! Love, love these frames. 

As you can tell, I'm a big Bonlook fan. They have so many gorgeous trendy eyeglass frames in affordable prices. They fill in your prescription and all glasses come with a strong hard case and cleaning case. Their customer service was wonderfully helpful with I reached out that my fav frames were too tight - apparently, most opticians are happy to adjust frames free of charge. Never knew that!

If you're in need of a new pair of frames and you're looking for something fun, trendy and affordable, look no further, Bonlook is the answer ;)

P.S. Nope, not a sponsored post. Just a fan :)