Itsy bitsy ankara shirt dress


Ahhhh...this cute lil ankara shirt dress gifted to me by my ankara fairy godmother - still trying to convince her to do a guest feature on the blog...any day now :)

Ok back to the dress, wore it once, put it in the washer and it got....really little....From short in a non-slutty cute way to itsy bitsy worried-i'm-showing-my-lady-parts kind of way...yeah lol

But I love it so much I was determined to still wear it. So what to do...accessories to the rescue! Cute lil belt from Hautelook (I'm obsessed with that site, help!), grey wooly comfy tights (it's autumn people!) and these adorable flats from Steve Madden (poor man's version of those famous studded Valentinos) and result! Super cute, comfy, colourful and not so itsy bitsy, don't you think?