Dress up your plaid shirts


"Plaid is very common in stores during the fall and winter season. Most people automatically wear plaid shirts with jeans probably because it tends to give off a casual vibe. Not a bad idea but definitely not the only way to wear plaid shirts. You can elevate plaid shirts from casual to dressy or formal by wearing it with most pieces. All you have to do is treat it like any other shirt.

On this beautiful fall day, I'm wearing my pink plaid shirt with a dark green skirt. There seems to be a lot going on with my outfit from the shirt to the cutouts in the skirt, to the purple fishnet, to the blush/pale pink shoes topped with a rose! I love the outfit though cos I think it all came together nicely. I also like that the pale pink shoes are neutral factors that don't stray too far from the entire outfit".

Photographed by Nancy K.


I've actually found myself eyeing a couple of plaid pieces recently. Thanks for the tips Enma, already thinking of ways I'll mix and match them to what's already in my wardrobe.