A "Daywear" affair to remember


"Anyone who attended or attends boarding school in Nigeria is familiar with "daywear." For people who aren't familiar with "daywear," it's just another checkered fabric that you can find in any store. We "boarders/ex boarders" know better .

When I was in boarding school we wore daywear after school hours and on weekends. It was like a "stay at home" or in our case a "stay within school walls" outfit except it was the same checkered outfit. Imagine wearing the exact same outfit every single day for months. Ugh! It was excruciating. It felt like a fashion prison and it made me appreciate and miss my clothes at home.

In my school we had different dormitories/houses. We had Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange and Pink House. Every student's daywear had to be the color of their house. For instance, Bloggie and I were in Purple House (which is how we met and became fast friends) so our daywear was purple.

Anyway, I started to crave the fabric last year and when I travelled to Nigeria a couple months ago I bought the fabric and used it to make a couple of my designs. In the pictures below I am rocking a red "daywear" skirt. It kinda reminds me of a picnic table cloth but whatever. There's really no reason why we shouldn't rock it proudly and confidently. The best thing about it is that it is so affordable!"

Photographed by Akudo.


Ahhh.....good ol' boarding school days.....nothing like wearing a shapeless picnic table cloth to enhance a teenager's self esteem lol. 

If only we were allowed designs like these back then - cute, fashion-forward and retro all at the same time. Thanks Enma for bringing back memories in a fashionable way :)