Same skirt different look


"This is what I like to call a "from day to night" look. As you can see from the collage, my skirt has 2 completely different looks from my hair, makeup to my shoes. I almost look like a completely different person. The skirt has a shimmer to it that isn't as obvious during the day so I decided to dress it up in a way that would exaggerate that shimmer for a night out. I wore my gold sweater, gold shoes, golden bronze purse, honey gold panty hose, went for a bronze makeup to compliment my bronze/lavendar hair and skirt! Phewww! That sounded like a lot. I also couldn't resist that statement necklace as it went so well with the skirt. This is a "hate it" or "love it" outfit. I love it and that's enough."

Photographed by Ijeoma Opara.


I love how Enma randomly mentioned her bronze/lavender hair like it was nothing. And you're probably like 'What?! Didn't she chop it off the other day?!' lol. Well these pics were taken before her recent hair dye mishap of course.

The thought of dying my hair has me researching like a crazy person, insistently questioning anyone I come across with hint of dye in their hair and spending ages talking myself in and out of the decision....I'm exhausted just thinking about it! lol 

Enma just wakes up, dyes her hair, chops it up, braids it up, wig it ups, you name it! She really does make it look easy, doesn't she? After all it only hair! ;)