When your last minute '80s' outfit is a'ight


Proud outfit turnaround moment right here ;)

Found out last minute a friend's birthday party had an 80s theme. Cue frantic perusal through my closet and countless google searches for verification:

'Are large blazers 80s?'

'Can i get away with stone washed skinny jeans?'

'Oooohhh colourful sweat shirts!'

"I love Janet Jackson in the 80s!....ehhh...don't think I can pull off her outfits lol'

After a couple of trial and errors, I ended with this outfit - clearly 80s without being so in-your-face to elicit double-takes from the neighbors (hehehe). Oh! I have to mention my DIY legwarmers :):):)

All in all, I'm pleased with this outfit. What do you think?