An ankara tube top in the fall/winter


"I felt like a touch of Ankara and started thinking of Ankara outfits I own that would be appropriate for the cool weather (color and style). It was a challenge because most of my Ankara outfits are either very colorful or designed for hot summer days. I was determined to have my way and I remembered this ankara tube top.

Unlike most of my Ankara outfits, the color of this tube top is fall/winter friendly so it was perfect. The obvious issue was the fact that it would be a challenge getting away with wearing a tube top in the cold weather. I love pairing different prints so I decided to wear it with my striped turtleneck crop top.

The key to pairing different prints is making sure that the prints have something in common such as color or pattern. In this case, the color black is the common factor and there's also a slight similarity in the nature of the pattern - notice the ankara has lines as well (vertical, horizontal, diagonal, zigzag)." 

Photographed by Yemi O.


Mixed prints at it's best. My love affair with ankara keeps on growing. You can do soooooo much with it!....but I haven't thought of doing this! Love it! :)