Thanksgiving parade


"I was pretty disappointed with this. I was going for thanksgiving colors so went with Nail Hardener's Rusty Nail, Nail Hardener's Jan's Jazzy Ginger and a dash of Revlon's Revlon Red.

I was going for a burnt orange mustard yellow maroon vibe. Unfortunately, the rusty nail looks like red. Not what I was going for at all. Anyway, I didn't use a tape for this. I used my steady hands - thank God. I applied Jan's Jazzy Ginger to one half and Rusty Nail to the other half. Then with the Revlon Red I created horizontal lines on one half. I finished with my top coat from Revlon.

If you use a tape I recommend applying the lighter color first then proceed to adding the darker color to the exposed half. If you apply the darker color first you would have to apply multiple coats of the lighter color to get the desired look. You don't want multiple coats because it will take forever to dry.

Happy Thanksgiving!"