Welcome to Enma's nail polish obsession


"I am obsessed with nail polish and every Saturday I find time to do my nails. Believe it or not, I've gotten a manicure once in my entire life and that's because I enjoy doing my nails myself. It's something I look forward to every weekend. For me, our nails and hair are inbuilt accessories given to us by God and we can make them work to our advantage by trying different styles and colors that compliment our different outfits and moods. 

It's fall so I'm staying away from bright colors but I won't be leaning towards extremely dark colors until winter. So I'll say I'm kinda in-between colors right now. For this week I'm wearing my Revlon's Transforming Effects nail polish. Awesome stuff. It's amazing how it transforms any color of nail polish or even bare nails. First, I applied 2 coats of "Sophisticated" by Revlon. Then I proceeded to apply 1 coat of "Holographic Pearls" - Transforming Effects - also by Revlon. I finished with my usual "Extra Life No Chip Top Coat" also by Revlon. I've loved Revlon ever since I tried their scented line back in 2009. 

Notice, my thumb nail is slightly blue. Well, I applied "Glow In The Dark" nail polish by Sinful Colors. Yes, it glows in the dark! It is the coolest thing that ever happened to nail polish since scented nail polish."


I can attest to Enma's love for nail polish - I have my very own Revlon Transforming Effects, it's the bees knees, everyone should have one! But seriously, I can't remember seeing Enma in recent years without cool, perfectly painted nails. And it's the same amazed reaction everytime "You did that yourself? How?!". Well, we'll be sharing Enma's love for nail polish regularly on the blog. Hope you enjoy these posts and it inspires you to buy stocks in Revlon ;)