How to wear my signature ankara dress (or any summer dress) in the fall/winter


"If you're a regular reader then you're probably familiar with my signature ankara dress. I designed it two years ago, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. Usually, I wear it in the Summer because it's the perfect dress for a toasty day. it's colorful and comfortable, and the pockets are a plus.

I love my signature dress so much that I didn't want to limit it to summertime. So I decided to show how to wear it in cooler temperatures - specifically Winter. The following are three necessities which I used to create a Winter look. Note that these tips can be applied to any summer dress.

  1. Layers:  If you don't want to freeze to death, then you must layer. Feel free to layer with tights, pants, jeans, sweaters, shirts, jackets, e.t.c. The great thing about ankara print is that it usually has so many colors which broadens options for layers and accessories.
  2. Accessories: To accentuate your winter look, choose accessories that scream fall/winter such as velvet, suede, fur, booties, etc. This will help give your dress a much needed winter transformation.
  3. Makeup: I cannot overstate the importance of makeup. I've said it before and I'll say it again - makeup has a transforming effect. For a Winter look, avoid bright colored makeup. 

For my layers, I wore dark burgundy tights and a torquoise sweater. The burgundy tights created an instant winter look. Also, the fact that the colors on this particular ankara are not very summery helped. I accessorized with a burgundy velvet turban headband and coral suede pumps.  I finished with multicolored earrings and dark makeup.

Full disclosure - this signature dress has no pockets but the lovely detailed embroidered design on the back (which my signature dresses don't usually have) is enough compensation. Who says you can't look fabulous from behind?"

Photographed my beautiful Bloggie.

Still all about 'Learning To Find Home: A Spiritual Journey'


"This is me keeping my promise. Here's a closer look at my accessories in this special nail post edition.

I'm wearing Revlon's Bohemian and Sinful Colors' Smoke & Mirrors.

I applied two coats of Smoke & Mirrors to the bottom half of each nail and applied two coats of Bohemian to the top half. I finished with Revlon's Extra Life Top Coat.

Learning To Find Home: A Spiritual Journey is available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Westbow Press. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for the support!"

Photographed by Bloggie.

How and where to wear a long blazer


"I love this Pinstripe Long Blazer by Banana Republic! What I love most about it is its length. Not only does the length make a statement, but it also exudes confidence. Something about it made me feel bold and in control. Also, anyone can totally pull it off - it doesn't matter how tall or short you are.

Just in case you're wondering how and where to wear a long blazer like this one, here are a few tips for you.

How: A long blazer is amazing because it transforms every outfit by adding an extra edge. It's perfect with casual clothes, such as jeans/pants, and also goes pretty well with work clothes, skirts and dresses. It's basically versatile.

Where:  Another great thing about a long blazer is that it can be worn indoors as part of an outfit or outdoors as an extra layer. You can achieve this because the fabric is usually thin enough to wear indoors and thick enough to offer protection from the cold outside.

In summary, because of its versatility you can wear a long blazer with anything, at anytime, and anywhere, ranging from a formal event to a laid back gathering with friends. You can't go wrong with it.

Armed with that information, can you imagine my excitement when I spotted this long blazer at TJ Maxx, especially when I discovered it was on sale? When I realized that it was a steal, I grabbed it immediately. That's what I love about TJ Maxx. I walked in there with no intention of buying anything, but I couldn't resist their awesome deal."

Photographed by Nancy K.

How to recycle floral print jeggings in a different season - from spring/summer to fall/winter


"Remember these floral print jeggings? I wore them last summer (see picture below), and I hinted that I'd wear them during the fall/winter season. Well, this is it!

Floral print is usually associated with spring or summer, but you can pull it off during cooler seasons by following my four simple rules.

  1.  Choose the right color - you should pair your floral print jeggings with fall/winter appropriate colors, such as maroon, olive green, purple, etc. Don't limit yourself to dull colors because your floral print jeggings need a sidekick. Note that there are lots of vibrant but appropriate colors that can be worn in every season such as red, royal blue, and emerald green.
  2. Pair with the appropriate texture - This is an obvious rule. Pair your jeggings with thick tops so you can stay warm and toasty. I prefer knitted tops/sweaters because they add a sort of 80's vibe to the entire look.
  3. Pick the perfect shoes - When it comes to wearing floral print jeggings in cooler seasons, booties or ankle boots are the way to go. Avoid calf and knee length boots because they'll end up hiding most of the flower print and it will defeat the purpose.
  4. Wear the right makeup - Do not underestimate the transforming power of makeup. Stay away from bright colored lipsticks like pink, and lean toward colors like dark purple or burgundy. When in doubt, go with nude lips. If you want that extra  "POP" then choose red lipstick because it absolutely rocks in every season. Of course I'm biased ;).

I applied my rules by pairing my floral print jeggings with a green sweater - this is absolutely my favorite shade of green. Then l stayed away from calf and knee length boots so I could show off my jeggings properly. Finally, I finished my look with Sephora #1 lipstain.

So why should you recycle your clothes? Because not only is recycling fun and adventurous, but you also get your money's worth. I especially enjoyed wearing these jeggings this season because it fits right in with the denim and flower embroidered trend.

I accessorized with my burgundy velvet turban head band and my Betsey Johnson heart pendant necklace."

Photographed by my partner in fashion, Bloggie!


Cuban files: the easiest way to wear the off-shoulder trend


I'll admit it, I thought the off-shoulder trend would be a flash in the pan. Trendy today, gone tomorrow. Silly of me cos I have quite a few off-shoulder pieces from past seasons in my wardrobe. Yes, I was wrong. Forgive me fashion gods! lol 

Anyway, I've always been slightly reluctant to wear off-shoulder pieces . I'm quite broad shouldered (I've been called athletic in my day) and I've always been reluctant to wear anything that appears to 'accentuate' my shoulders. But, I haven't been able to resist them! 

So if you're like me and you're paranoid about your shoulders or just not sure how to wear off-shoulder pieces. Here's what you need to do.......get yourself a lovely loose fitting floral off-shoulder piece. Why? Here's why;

  1. It's loose! Big busted or flat chested. Doesn't matter. You'll look feminine and flirty
  2. Florals are oh so pretty. It'll distract every passerby and make you look ridiculously girly!
  3. Cinched in at the waist or maybe not. Up to you. Want a loose fitting boho look or fitted seductive look, go for it!
  4. It's fun and flirty. Who can resist the urge to look over your shoulder and give your audience a wink. You know you want to! ;)

Toned shoulders or not, you'll bring all the boys to the yard for sure :) in point, these outfits I wore during my recent trip to Cuba....ok I didn't bring the boys to the yards but I got tons of cat calls....the novelty wore out quick though lol

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Photographed by Dee -

Out on the streets of Old Havana. Found a chair in the street and thought why not?!

At the famous la guarida balcony and it's amazing rooftop.

Stunting during our vintage car tour through Central Havana.

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Blue bayou


I'm wearing Blue Bayou by Sinful Colors. Don't you just love it?

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