Relaxing and unwinding with House of Purple Rose products


One of my 2017 resolutions was of self-care - making an effort to unwind, destress, reflect and recharge. Spend more time reading, connecting with loved ones and finding those pockets of time to be quiet and thankful. It hasn't been easy and God knows I haven't been consistent but I've tried my best. 

One way the shopaholic in me has found to stay consistent is by buying/finding fun and enjoyable things to encourage consistency. So far, planning the books I want to read, decorating a lil corner in my home for quiet and my favourite right now, picking out relaxing scents and oils.

As luck would have it, as I was researching my next luxurious scent, I was approached to review skincare and home fragrance products from a new small UK brand, House of Purple Rose. As a big supporter of small business and a keen advocate of supporting each other's hussle, I agreed to try their products and share my feedback. Oh 

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Packaging and content

Both skincare and home fragrance products arrived in really nice packaging as you can see below. They also came with a sweet 'thank you' card listing exactly what the products are with the owner, Anne's contact information. They also came with 3 additional cards sheets with lots of interesting information on the oils - who knew lemon oil's a good remedy for dull skin!

Now onto the good stuff. I was sent 3 oils, 4 perfume oils (1 large and 3 tiny ones) and a few reed diffusers.

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Body Oils

This consisted of luxurious body oils - dry/anti-aging 'Replenish & Revitalise' body oil, Sensidisiac massage oil and the lemon pure essential oil. All 3 smelt great and applied really well (yah! to massage oils). My favourite was the lemon pure essential oil, which can be used in a diffuser or humidifier or diluted with a carrier oil for a massage or a bath. As a citrus lover, the lovely lemony scent made using it even heavenly.

Perfume oils and reed diffusers

This consisted of one large perfume oil and 3 tiny ones - bloom, flower whispers, sweet dessert. I love love gorgeous scents, so I cooed with happiness when I opened the package and saw these scents.

The large one has had pride of place in my living room for weeks now. Every other day, I've turned over the reed diffusers and basked in its lovely perfumy scents. I haven't got a chance to try out the little scents yet but I'm looking forward to it!

I've enjoyed using these lovely oils and scents these past few days. I have terribly dry skin so I'm not usually keen on trying anything with 'oil' next to it! I was pleasantly surprised how to nice these products were. Functional, pretty and educational!

House of Purple Rose is owned by lovely Anne who lives in the UK. From the kind handwritten note to the detailed sheets of information, you can tell she puts a lot of love and care into these products. If you're looking for your next body oil or lovely scented oils or just natural handcrafted home and skincare products, please get in touch with Anne by emailing You'll be in wonderful hands and supporting an up and coming brand. 

The best way to wear a print pantsuit


A pantsuit is a statement making outfit. I don't know about you, but when I have a pantsuit on I feel powerful and in charge. A pantsuit can also be sexy, and when it comes in print, it's absolutely feminine. 

Wearing a print pantsuit is tricky though. You have to pair it with the right accessories to avoid looking busy and to keep everyone's eyes on the pantsuit. Keep the following rules in mind when wearing one.

1. Avoid exciting colors: You don't want your print pantsuit to look busy so pair it with colors such as black, white, nude, gray, navy blue, etc. Your color choice should depend on your pantsuit. Try to pick colors that aren't exciting, but still compliment your pantsuit.

2. Stay away from statement pieces: You want people to notice your pantsuit, right? So stay away from any accessory that would compete with your pantsuit. Avoid dramatic accessories, and go for simple ones such as pumps, minimal strap sandals, etc. 

3. Limit your jewelry: Don't go overboard with your jewelry. Keep it simple and classy.

I applied the above rules by pairing my print pantsuit with a navy blue/green purse, blush pumps (gifts from BFF extraordinaire, Noma) and a white shirt. I limited my jewelry by wearing simple pearl earrings. I'm pretty sure you're zeroing in on my pantsuit and that alone.

If you want the focus to stay on your print pantsuit, follow my rules and let me know what you think.

Photographed by Bloggie boo.


Why accessories are important, plus the most important one of all


Accessories are meant to make cars and phones more useful or versatile, but when it comes to fashion, the designated goal of an accessory is to make an outfit more attractive. That's why it's important to pick the right accessory for every outfit. 

Unless you intentionally want to go overboard, which I do sometimes, you should tone down accessories when your outfit is busy. If not, the outfit might end up wearing you instead of the other way around. Also, the beauty of each item you have on would be lost in all the busyness. There are times when you can get away with wearing accessories with a busy outfit, but I believe ones ability to pull that off would come down to personality and level of confidence.

Accessories are perfect for simple outfits, but not just any accessory. I'm talking about "statement making" accessories. When you have on a simple dress and you throw on popping shoes or glittering earrings, you're bound to get noticed. There are also those occasions where being simple all the way works. Again, pulling it off requires confidence. 

So what's the lesson here? Confidence is your greatest accessory. When you're confident (not pompous) you're more attractive than you could ever be.

Confidence aside, I made my black and white outfit popping by adding these four transforming accessories - my statement necklace, polka dot shades (I love me some polka dots), Pom Pom polka dot/striped sneakers (by Betsey Johnson @ DSW), and my zebra & flower embroidered purse (DSW).

Photographed by my accessory, Bloggie, 'cause I'm her accessory! Yup, we make each other look hot


The simplest...and I mean SIMPLEST way to tie head scarves


Bad hair days....the bane of every girl's existence.

Your outfit's on point. Your shoe game is unreal. Your makeup is out of this world......but your unpredictable stresses aren't cooperating!!! You try all sorts of styles, curse your ancestors for gifting you unmanageable hair and briefly bonder chopping it all off! But hope is not lost, maybe you can throw a hat on or pull on your favourite wig. Oh no! Your head is too ginormous for a hat (stay with me people!!) and your wig kinda looks like a hat (unlucky!!). What to do?!!!! You remember you have a stash of pretty head scarves at your disposal! But you have no idea how to tie those elaborate creations you see on Youtube and IG divas.

Well, this post is for you!

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I'm here to share my foolproof way of tying headscarves which I call the-lazy-girls'-or-anyone-really-even-someone-half-asleep-headscarf style! Yes, a mouthful but you get my drift ;)

What do you need to do?

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First, your need to get your hair in some sort of order. For me, it's the tried and tested, quiff and high ponytail roll. Doesn't have to be neat or fancy because you'll be covering that mess soon enough ;) Don't forget to tidy your edges! If you're a hairy beast like me with hair on the back of your neck (I know!!), give it a good brushing. Nothing worse than untidy back neck hair! lol

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Next, you pick out a scarf that goes with your look - retro, ethnic, chic, up to you. If you've picked a wide scarf, you'll need to fold it up to make it slimmer or be like me and invest in lovely narrow/small head scraves. I don't know about you but I end up kinda overwhelmed with the large ones lol

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You place the scarf at the back of your bum (or front, see style below), tie both ends behind your quiff, shift the knot to the corner of your quiff, preferably the opposite side of your quiff.

Now comes the fun stuff - tie yourself a pretty bow, as BIG as you like! Adjust your bow to stand out as much as you like, pick out some statement earrings, look in the mirror and give yourself a wink cos you're one hot mama!

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It's really that easy ladies. This is my signature way of tying my head scarves and I get tons of compliments whenever I do. It covers up a bad hair day, elevates your outfit and makes you feel like a creative genius ready to conquer the world! 

Try out this style next time you have a bad hair day or you feel like adding a bit girly chic to outfit and tag us on IG - @Enma_and_I! We'll join you in your celebratory saved-my-look happy dance ;)

Haven't got any scarves to start on this journey of fabulous headscarves-to-the-rescue? Scroll down to shop my gorgeous scarves and earrings finds.

Photographed by fabulous blogger-partner-in-crime Enma